Mirrored Door Wardrobes

Mirrored Door Wardrobes

These are designed to fit your space. The frames around the mirrors can be in any colour to suit your desired look.

Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Doors are custom made to your special requirements. This allows us to fit the wardrobe doors to most situations.

White Glass Wardrobe Doors

White Glass Wardrobe Doors

White Glass Wardrobes look modern and sleek. We’ll create a frame to suit your desired effect.

Wardrobe Accessories

Wardrobe Accessories

At Federation Furniture, we also specialise in accessories to suit your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe Doors2
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Wardrobe Accessories4
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At Federation Built In Furniture we can supply a large variety of D.I.Y. wardrobes to the whole of Western Australia.

All of our wardrobes are made here at our Perth factory.

If you have a DIY wardrobe enquiry, please call the office on 9248 9600.


Here we have set out how to install a D.I.Y. wardrobe.

Steps 1 and 2Step 3, 4 and 5Step 6 & 7Step 8 - Door InstallationInstalling Interiors

Sliding Doors – Installation Instructions

Step 1:

  • In a wall to wall situation measure from the back wall along cornice and mark at 600mm deep.  Wardrobes are usually 600mm deep, but this may vary from 575mm upwards, depending on recess depth or end panel width.
  • Measure back 85mm, cut and remove this section of cornice to receive wall plate 75 x 20mm .  When installing in a robe recess you will be guided by the depth of the recess.
    DIY Wardrobes - Step 1 - Measuring
    Measuring for your DIY Wardrobes

Step 2:

  • Cut a wall plate to length between ceiling and top of skirting  and fix to wall with screws (50mm*8g) and plugs supplied, making sure the wall plate is plumb. (Wall plates to be 20mm thick).
  • Cut wall jambs to length between ceiling and floor and scribe over skirting  and clip over and glue to wall packer using structural glue supplied, pack between wall plate and wall jamb where necessary to make plumb.
  • (Where an end panel is required go to  (Step 5). Repeat the process on the opposite wall (The length of the top track and bottom track is calculated as; width of wardrobe minus 44mm e.g. If wardrobe is 2400mm wide the track will be 2400 – 44 = 2356mm.  The aluminium side jambs have to be from the floor to the top of the top track.  These tracks and jambs are supplied longer to allow for variations in room sizes.  Measure their size and it will be found that they will need cutting.  A hacksaw with a good blade can be used for this.)

Step 3:

  • Take ceiling channel and trim to fit between wall jambs.  (Where a fascia is required go to Step 7).
  • Fix ceiling channel to ceiling, with toggle bolts supplied at 600mm centres approximately.DIY-step3

Step 4:

  • Cut the floor track and the 80mm by 16mm thick floor packer to length and screw to the floor the 16mm packer first and then the track on top of the packer between the wall jambs.
  • Be careful when fitting on top of carpet as you risk pulling the pile.
  • To prevent this drill the floor track before putting it down on the carpet and before drilling into the floor cut out squares of carpet under floor track at the position of the predrilled holes.
  • Then drill floor and fix track with screws (50mm*8g) and plugs supplied.  Go to Step 8 if robe is wall to wall.

Step 5:

  • Cut end panel to length from floor to ceiling, cut out cornice to suit measurement of robe along back wall.  The cut should be 17mm.
  • Cut the end panel over the skirting board if required.  Now screw the two aluminum brackets to the inside of the end panel.
  • Locate end panel into the 17mm slot in the cornice, plumb down and secure the brackets to the wall.
  • Clip end panel jamb over outside edge of end panel and fix with screws supplied (15mm*6g).

Step 6:

  • Cut ceiling channel between wall jamb and end panel jamb (where a facia is require go to Step 7).
  • Using toggles supplied, fix channel to ceiling at 600mm centres approximately.
  • Secure top of end panel with rivets supplied through the end panel aluminium section into the front of the ceiling channel .


Now return to Step 4.

Fascia – Installation Instructions

Step 7:

  • The fascia or (filler panel above the top track) is 16mm thick and either white or coloured according to what has been specified on the order sheet.
  • Trim to length wall to wall or in an end panel situation wall to end panel.  The fascia may be supplied in two pieces according to the length of the robe.
  • When ceiling channel has been cut between both jambs fix in place making sure it is level using rivets supplied.  Measure the space between ceiling and ceiling channel and fit fascia to this space.
  • When fitted attach aluminium brackets to the fascia on the inside at the top using (15mm*6g) screws every 600mm approximately.
  • The brackets are now fixed to the ceiling using the toggle bolts supplied; making sure the fascia is flush with the front of the ceiling channel.
  • The fascia is then attached to the ceiling channel using (35mm*6g) screws .


Step 8:

  • Lift your doors into the ceiling channel and locate the rollers onto the floor track.
  • If you are installing a Mirror/panel combination, the middle mirror door in a 3 door setup is always put on the front track, after the two panel doors have been located on the back track.
  • If you are installing a 4 door setup, the doors are put on the tracks alternately from one side, front, back, front, back.  The doors are then adjusted using the adjusting screw found at the bottom of the door on the wheel assembly.
  • Turn it clockwise to lift the door, anti-clockwise to lower the door this is done to line up the doors against the wall jambs .

Interiors – Installation Instructions

  • Step 1: Place units in desired position as on plan once you have cut the back of the unit over the skirting board.
  • Step 2: It is important that units are placed into a position so that doors in the open position are not over the units. This can be done by positioning the units and shelving as specified in the diagram related to your wardrobe. Where units are placed at the extreme ends of the robe the units need to be placed off the wall ends to allow clearance for the wall jambs a 30mm spacer is supplied for this purpose. In the event of an end panel being used any unit placed against it requires a 16mm spacer. When in position and plumb the unit is fixed to the wall through the back fixing rails using screws (50mm*8gauge) and plugs supplied.
  • Step 3: Fix wall cleats 435 x 75 x 16 melamine with screws 30mm x 8g supplied to end panels and 50mm x 8g to walls at the height shown on the factory workup sheet . Fit shelving in place to measurements shown on factory workup sheet. Screw shelves in place using screws (30mm*8g) . Screw shelf support into position if required and trim the aluminium hanging rail to length and bolt into position through shelf using bolts and nuts supplied (25mm*5mm) at approx. 600mm centres.
  • Step 4: Position the hanging rail approximately 210mm from back wall to front top edge of rail . Trim and screw ½ hanging rod into required position (we recommend 1 metre from floor and 260mm from the back wall) using screws (15mm*6g) and flanges supplied. The length of the handing rail and rods are shown in brackets on your factory workup sheet and the lengths are usually 16mm or 32mm shorter than the shelf above, this being an allowance for the thickness of one or two cleats where needed.
  • Step 5: Shoe rails are installed the same way using the rod, the position for these rods are 70mm off the floor and off the back wall one at 120mm and one at 320 approx. or as you require.



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